I love to delete

Ilise BenunUntil last week, I had approximately 28,000 messages in my Inbox. Now I have 66.

I didn’t delete all of those. I don’t think that’s worth my time. But clearly I hadn’t been doing enough deleting and the result was an out of control Inbox that suddenly decided to stop accepting messages.

Instead of fixing it, what I really wanted to do was start over. I wanted to reorganize my folders and rework the hierarchy and just not keep so much that I never end up needing anyway.

So I started from scratch with a new brand email software (that I’m still learning) but a much cleaner structure, and, most important, not thinking too long before I hit “delete.” Because “just in case” isn’t a good enough reason to clog up my inbox.

How many email messages are in your inbox?

5 thoughts on “I love to delete

  1. lidia varesco design

    Ilise, I can totally relate…I hate to delete! I realized I was an “email packrat” when (to my horror) my email app crashed and I lost a month’s worth of emails. I learned my lesson. Now, I print and file important emails immediately, delete emails more judiciously, and file old client emails in folders rather than letting them clutter up my inbox.

    I have a ways to go to get down to 66, but I’m working on it. Thanks for the reminder to tidy up the inbox!

  2. Ana Carini

    It’s funny but, I just ‘cleaned’ my inbox 2 days ago. I had over 12000+ emails that were just ‘sitting’ there for the past, I’d say, 3 months…

    I would love if I had a better solution on how to organize my inbox, Ilise. If you, or anyone else, have any tips on how to do a better job, I would love to hear it.