Is a boring name bad for your business?

What do you think of Anaglyph Art Services as a name for a design firm?

One thing for sure: it’s not boring — but, as you’ll see in Laurel Black’s recent blog post, maybe boring is better. Read on to find out how.

Naming your business is one of the first steps in the evolution of a creative business, which I will be presenting on today (Thursday, Aug. 18), with special guest (and CFC veteran), Stacey King Gordon of Suite Seven, who in under 4 years went from “freelance copywriter” to owner of a “content strategy” firm. Gordon just signed 3 huge clients (all on the same day) and now has 2 employees, an office,  and more to come.

You can watch the “Evolution of a Creative Business” DesignCast live today at 4 PM and/or get the recording after the fact. Either way, sign up here now.