Keeping Organized Online: Part 2

Wendy TownleyYesterday I gushed about the free list making application I can’t live without.

Today my enthusiasm is for another free app I discovered that keeps my life somewhat sane: Evernote.

Cleverly branded with an elephant logo, Evernote is essentially a cloud-based notebook that lets users create individual pages for individual projects. Upgrade to the paid version (a mere five bucks a month) and you’ll receive an ad-free interface, more storage space, and more features to collaborate, among others. Think of all the Microsoft Word files you create for projects; and now imagine having all of those pages in a single notebook or journal that lives online.

I recently used Evernote during a social media and branding presentation. I jotted down notes and topics in Evernote on my Macintosh, and later accessed them on my iPad during the panel presentation. It was a great way to stay engaged in the conversation, but also keep track of what I had not yet discussed, just by glancing at my notes beautifully displayed on the iPad.

Evernote’s clipping feature is another reason to use this app. When installed on your computer, Evernote can take a screenshot of a webpage and add it to your Evernote library. It’s a perfect “read later” solution for the countless articles or blog postings you want to peruse at another time.

In Evernote (much like with my Ta-da Lists) I have separate pages for recipes, essay ideas, book projects, and more. The Evernote iPhone app is another way to access information on-the-go, and can many times be a lifesaver when your iPad or laptop aren’t close at hand.

What are you favorite, can’t-live-without-’em tools of the trade?

BTW: Whether you like paper or electronic calendars, the Marketing Mentor Marketing Plan for 2011 comes both ways.

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