Laurel Black is coming back to CFC

I already told you that one of our most prolific guest bloggers, Alisa Bonsignore, will be coming back to CFC in June because it gives her “a solid-but-reassuring kick in the butt to do the stuff that needs to be done for my business.”

Laurel BlackDesigner, Laurel Black, will be coming back too. Last year at CFC, Laurel gained a better of view of what she wants in her business. She said: “I will never be an agency. I would like to work with other people … that was one of the things I learned at the conference last year. I realized that I don’t want to manage people … I want to do the work. I know it’s not as lucrative or prestigious but I don’t care…”

Chime in on the debate generated last week by Laurel’s post, “Too Old to be a Designer?,” on the CFC blog, and read about what she called her company for the first several years, even if no one could spell it, pronounce it or understand it, in “In Defense of Boring” on the Marketing Mix Blog.

Are you coming back to CFC (reminder: early bird deadline ends this Sunday, May 1)? Tell us why.

One thought on “Laurel Black is coming back to CFC

  1. heather parlato

    i am coming to CFC! aside from getting really energized about my business, i have really enjoyed the group this conference has attracted, and love the openness that ilise has facilitated. i’ve really been able to expand my network of peers that are uniquely designers or directly-related creative types, business owners, and solo-preneurs, who can relate so much better to every front of what i face in my daily operations. between us having a lot in common and being encouraged to reach out to each other, this has been one of the most friendly and supportive conferences i’ve ever been to, which makes me feel great about running home and conquering the world. again. ha.