Mainstream Business Media Focus on Freelancing

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planI think it speaks volumes that mainstream business media are starting to address the needs of freelancers. We can certainly credit some of the buzz to the relentless work and evangelizing of Sara Horowitz, author of “The Freelancer’s Bible” and Executive Director of the Freelancers Union.

Here are excerpts from recent articles:

From CNN/Fortune Magazine:
Freelancers: What’s Your Work Worth?

The first step: know your target income. What dollar amount do you need to bring in each hour, day, or week to cover your expenses and make the kind of income you desire? Having a clear understanding of what you must earn makes it easier to turn away work that pays less than you need — or to ensure a given project delivers your hourly rate. Consultants and freelancers interviewed for this article set targets from $50 to $300 per hour, for example.

From Forbes Magazine:
The Freelance Economy: Millions of Entrepreneurs – and a Vital Social Venture

The divide between “freelancer” and “entrepreneur” is disappearing (if it was ever there to begin with). Freelancers do it all — they do the books, they prospect for clients, they keep up their social media accounts, they network with other freelancers. More and more, we’re seeing groups of freelancers come together to form formal or informal cooperatives and collectives — sharing overhead costs, connecting clients, bartering. Networks like these are the future. Freelancers and small business owners know that you’re only as strong as your network. The freelance community is open and growing.

From NPR/Marketplace (podcast too):
For some, freelance gigs trump full-time jobs

“It was by necessity that I moved to it,” says one freelancer. “But I also now highly highly prefer it. And have been asked a number of times if I’d be interested in a full-time job by the places that I’ve worked and have turned that down.”

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