Masquerading as a “creative freelancer”?

Each year at the Creative Freelancer Conference, I meet a few people who aren’t really “creative freelancers.”

They’re actually owners of small firms who are looking for help on the business side and for the past couple of years, there wasn’t anywhere they could go for that help.

But that’s no longer the case. Because MYOB is back!

That’s the 2010 Mind Your Own Business Conference, presented by HOW magazine, in partnership with David C. Baker of ReCourses, Inc, which has been revived after a short break and will be held in NYC this October 12 –14th.

I went to MYOB a couple years ago in San Diego and my favorite session was the Live Agency Review where David Baker sat on the stage with the owner of a pre-selected design firm whose financial records, day-to-day business practices and management style he’d examined in depth. Then, he proceeded to identify this firm owner’s successes, mistakes, and best of all, the opportunities he should seize. All you could do was wonder what he’d say if it was you in the hot seat!

Like the Creative Freelancer Conference (save the date for next year, June 23-24 in Chicago), MYOB is also a networking bonanza! You’ll get the all-too-rare opportunity to spend “quality time” with your peers and put all your heads together to focus on nuts-and-bolts problem-solving and big-picture planning.

Here are some highlights from this year's program:

• Inc. Editor-at-Large, Bo Burlingham's keynote, "Companies that Choose to be Great Instead of Big"
• Profitability expert, Darryl Salerno on "Managing for Profit"
• Marc O'Brien on "Making Your Agency's Website Irresistible Prospects."

To see the complete list of expert speakers and targeted sessions, or to register today, visit