Moving your office?

Lidia VarescoAs I recently moved my office, I know first-hand that moving your small business can be a challenge. Since most small business owners are the ones actually doing the moving (especially if you have a home office), it helps to take time before the move to be prepared.

Below are some of the steps I took to prepare for my move—plus some that, in retrospect, I wish I had taken!

Before the move:
1. Pack several boxes labeled “important” with essential office materials and move those boxes yourself. Work inevitably tends to get busy during a move, so even if you have to live with unpacked boxes for a while, you’ll have important items at your fingertips. Things to include:

  • Current project files
  • Calendar, timesheets and invoice book
  • Passwords (email, banking, website logins)
  • Office supplies (blank CDs, USB drive, file folders, sticky notes, stapler, envelopes, pens)

2. When packing file cabinets, label the exact location to make unpacking easier, i.e. “left cabinet, top drawer”

3. Label cords on computer equipment to make set-up easier (poring through a jumble of cords is never fun!)

4. Create a scale drawing of your new office layout, so you can show movers exactly where to put furniture and other heavy items.

5. Call utility companies at least 3 weeks in advance to change your phone number and/or internet service.

6. As soon as you have new contact info, add it to your email signature

7. Print a screenshot of or jot down your email/wireless settings

8. Purge and organize: pack and store old accounting files, project files, trade magazines, project samples.

9. Order updated stationery and business cards

Next week, I’ll give a few tips I’ve discovered for After the Move.

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