New LinkedIn Group to Flex Your Creative Muscles

One of my Creative Freelancer Conference weaknesses is the onsite bookstore. (I suspect I am not alone.) This year, one of my many purchases was a copy of Stefan Mumaw and Wendy Lee Oldfield’s book Caffeine for the Creative Mind.

I was psyched! Couldn’t wait to start pushing the limits of my creative mind. Got home, sharpened my pencils, filled my coffee mug and sat down to find just the right exercise to start with. Then the phone rang. Client needs address changed on business cards and stationary. No problem, let me just get that done real quick and get back to my mind-blowing creative exercise.  Oh, wait, just need to check my emails first… sound familiar?

As a creative freelancer and solopreneur we know we need to keep flexing our creative muscles to stay current, and out of ruts. But without accountability it can be hard, if not impossible, to find the time.

There is a new Linked In group to meet this need! With the author’s permission, I have created a new Linked In Group called Caffeine for the Creative Mind – Designers Group. This group is specifically for freelance or solopreneur graphic designers who want to push the boundaries of their creative minds.

We will work through the exercises from Caffeine for the Creative Mind within a given time frame and share results, process and support. Take the time to nurture your creative mind, join today!

What do you think? Will you join us?