Non-stop networking on Day 2 of CFC

Yesterday I elaborated on the CFC sessions for Day 2. But one of the treats we have in store is that all CFC attendees get to also attend the beginning of the HOW Design Conference.

So here’s what we’ll all be doing at the end of Day 2:

  • 5-6:30 PM: Networking Reception with the Creative Group, where attendees from all four events—HOW Design Conference, InHOWse Managers Conference, Creative Freelancer Conference and The Dieline Package Design Conference—are invited to meet and mingle in a relaxed, no-pressure environment.
  • 6:30-8 PM: Opening session of HOW Conference, Being Available in the Moment with Kristina Robbins and Jo McGinley of Juice
  • 8-10 PM: Opening Reception — more networking in the Resource Center where you can explore all the valuable sponsor booths.

Not sure about all that networking?
Yesterday on the Marketing Mix Blog we answered an attendee’s question: What suggestions do you have to get the most out of this conference?

Network, network, network. Go to all the sessions, smile, and introduce yourself to everyone you can. Meeting other creatives is one major reason why people are there! Bring plenty of business cards. When you receive someone else’s, write a note on their card that will help you remember them so you can follow up after the conference is over (i.e. what you talked about, what they were wearing). And, get a head start on your networking with the early morning net-walking! We meet at 6AM, and it’s a great way to meet people and get exercise ahead of the day.

If you are thinking about whether to attend, it’s not too late. Check out CFC and HOW Design Live, to see which option is best for you.