Operation Refrigerator

You may be wondering what a refrigerator has to do with Luke Mysse’s Best of CFC webcast: Business Planning with Action and Accountability, coming up on Thursday, October 20. Read this post from Julie Goldsberry to find out…

I went to CFC for the first time this year.  A friend of mine had gone the previous year and she told me that it changed her life.  I thought to myself, ‘Yeah right, there’s no way a conference can change your life.’

But when it was announced it was going to be in Chicago, I petitioned, campaigned and begged my boss to let me go.  Finally, the day before the Early bird discount ended, I was given the go ahead.

The first night of CFC I went out to dinner with a group of HOWies. Among them was Luke Mysse.  He talked about his presentation the next day and decided that I needed to go.

I arrived late to Luke’s presentation but was instantly drawn in.  He was so open and honest and inspiring.  I’m not going to lie, I got a little choked up listening to him.  Then he came to the part of his presentation when he posted the slide about his “dare,” I was hesitant.  Then he pulled out the double whammy.  He double dog dared me.

Being from the Midwest and growing up watching ‘A Christmas Story’ ever year on TNT – I know the next thing to come after the double dog dare is the triple dog dare, and waiting for the triple dog dare is weak.  I am not a weak person. I have three older brothers and an older sister. When some one dares you, you have to do it.

Make it Juicy.  Big and Juicy.

Being employed as in house designer I was stuck as to what my dare to myself should be. I wanted it to be something for myself. I had been dawdling on really going out and starting doing freelance. I knew I wanted it to be something about pursuing freelance.

I went to walk up to Luke to tell him how inspiring and amazing his presentation was.  And it hit me.  The one thing that I look at every day, that I utilize in my 2 bedroom apartment everyday that would stare me down and shame me without moving. My Refrigerator.

When I reached Luke I told him that he had inspired me and his presentation was incredible.  Actually, I think I told him that he changed my life, but I am not certain.

A few days later at the conference I had the opportunity to speak one on one with Luke.  I told him about Operation Refrigerator and how his suggestion of having a group of people you are accountable to inspired it.  The idea behind it being that it would be staring me in the face every day, taunting me with the goal I set for myself.

The top portion was to be full of the inspirational and meaningful quotes to remind me that I am not alone in my Graphic Design ambitions.


The middle section – the checklist of different tasks and goals I was going to set for myself.

The very bottom – pieces from other artists whom I admire to fuel my fire.

So far it has been motivating me. Not only to go for the Big & Juicy goal I set for myself after Luke’s CFC presentation, but also to be a better person in general.

The most amazing thing has been my friends and family’s reaction to what I did to my refrigerator.  All of them have been very supportive and excited at the prospect of the personal design goals I have set myself.  A few of them have asked me if it would be alright if they stole my idea and made their own Operation Refrigerator.

So Mr. Luke Mysse, by inspiring me, you are successfully turning several refrigerators in the Chicagoland area into amazing craft pieces meant to inspire people to change their lives, and hopefully change the world.

Join us on Thursday, October 20 for a webcast of the highlights of Luke’s session on how to stay accountable for your goals.

Who else had a double dog dare?

3 thoughts on “Operation Refrigerator

  1. Emma

    Sorry, when I first saw the photo in this post, I thought the dare to yourself was going to be to clean off your refrigerator! But setting goals and putting them out there for everyone to see is good too. 🙂