[Podcast] CFC Success: #CFConf Already Paid for Itself

CFC 2013 logoCopywriter, Sonia Quinones, first time attendee of the Creative Freelancer Conference (and HOW Design Live), is one more creative professional who, only one month after the event, already landed a project as a result of the networking she did at the Matchmaking Happy Hour with InHOWse Design Managers and throughout the conference.

In other words, the conference essentially paid for itself!

The project fee more than covers Sonia’s conference costs, not to mention the potential for more work with this new client in the future.

Sonia not only met many high-quality prospects and walked away Sonia-Quinoneswith 30 business cards. She also discovered the secret of perfecting your pitch: the best language comes from your prospects, not from your own head!

In our interview/podcast, she explains how one interaction with an ideal prospect helped her figure out how best to describe her services to prospects like this one. Not only that, these are also the keywords she needs to integrate into her online marketing to make sure she’s found by these people and what the search terms are they’ll be using.

Listen to her describe how it happened. It’s not too early to sign up for next year’s event in Boston, May 12-16. Details here: www.howdesignlive.com

And you can access recordings (video and audio) of many of the sessions in My Design Shop.