[Podcast] Simple Mantra For Getting Everything Done

5lb10lbTime management dilemma for freelancers: How do you stuff 10 lbs of you-know-what into a 5 day week, week after week?

If you want to know how veteran freelance designer and author, Jim Krause, does it, listen to this podcast.

In our interview, he shares his simple mantra for getting things done without going crazy: “Work when you’re working and don’t when you’re not.”

Sounds simple but isn’t. Come to CFC (June 22-24 in San Francisco) to hear more about how he’s done this AND managed to write many best-selling books, including Color Index books, Idea Index books, Photography Index books, Design Essentials Index and more!

Also, in our interview, he also talks about:

  • How to avoid the slippery slope of distractions
  • What Jim’s work desk looks like (can you guess?)
  • How he deals with Facebook and the World Wide Web
  • The Art of List Making
  • How to know when to say “no” to a client
  • The key to longevity in this business (in Jim’s humble opinion)
  • How to get help if you’re a control freak
  • The discipline of small things

It’s a great interview with a very generous veteran — you’ll learn a lot just by listening to this and all the rest of the podcasts in the CFC 2013 Speaker Series here.

Thanks to CFC veteran, Kelsey Grafton, for the custom illustration. More info at www.kelseygrafton.com/Illustration.html