Prepping Now for Conference Connecting: Part 2

A.k.a.: You’ve got their business card, now what?

The Creative Freelancer Conference is 30 days away! Have you ordered extra business cards yet?

In part one of this series, I suggested that you Take a box of 500 cards to the CFC; Give said cards out and Ask others for their cards. Now what?

Imagine you’ve met a riveting fellow solopreneur, you had a great talk and they are walking away—stop for a moment and jot down a few notes on their card! A week (or 10 days. . .okay, or three months) from now you’ll be able to quickly figure out who it was who wanted to refer a client to you, share cab fare to O’Hare or give you tips on eco-friendly printers.

Here are my three tips for taking notes on business cards:

  1. I noticed ________________ about them. This is a great place to write down a physical description or note something remarkable about them as a person.
  2. I learned ________________ about their service, business or websites your new collaborator recommends to you.
  3. I.O.U. ________________. I always think of great people ideas or information to share when I meet new folks. Share your ideas, resources and contacts—it’s an amazing way to connect! Be sure to include what you think they might like to know about what you are up to.

Be sure to jot a quick “CFC” on the back of their card, too, even though you think you will remember where you met. I have had many “where the heck did I get this card?!” experiences. Save yourself the mystery and take advantage of the treasure chest you’ll find at this year’s CFC!

So…how do you connect at conferences? Is there anything you do in advance to make it easier to connect once you’re there? Or do you have a story of a missed connection? Let us know in the comments.

(NEXT: You collected cards, shared yours and took notes—NOW WHAT?)

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