Prepping Now for Conference Connecting: Part 3

A.k.a.: it’s all in the wrist!

The Creative Freelancer Conference is 21 days away! Imagine yourself at the CFC, you are well-stocked with business cards and taking notes on the ones you collect. Here comes the juicy part, and it’s all in the wrist: FOLLOW UP and FOLLOW THROUGH!

Here are my 3 tips for taking your connection to the next level:

  • Set a doable date to follow through. Pick a date and schedule it! Send e-mails or call the folks you connected with within a week or two of the conference. There is also no better sign that you are sincere, committed to your business and interested in other solopreneurs’ growing their businesses.
  • Thank them when you do reach out. Tell them what was useful to you from your conversation with them. Did they inspire you or share a resource? Remember to remind them who you are and how you connected in the first place. Refer to the notes on your card. Take a moment, before you follow through, to look at their website and refresh your memory about who they are and why they are a good connection for you.
  • Show&Share. A CFC blog reader made an excellent suggestion to ask folks if you can add them to your newsletter mailing list. Great idea! When you follow through, consider sending a post-conference update with what you learned. Send your favorite CFC photo or offer a tip. Make a point to ask them how their project(s) is going or what their latest accomplishment is.

So…how do you follow through? Do you have any tips for how to make the post-conference connect meaningful for you? Or do you have a story of a great collaboration that came from a conference?

Let us know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Prepping Now for Conference Connecting: Part 3

  1. lidia varesco design

    I recently received a thank you card (with a few biz cards tucked in) from a fellow small biz owner I met at a networking event. Though it may be difficult to do if your list of connections is long, I thought it was a great (and more personal) way to follow-up.

  2. Dyana Valentine

    Gorgeous idea! I often write handwritten cards and folks really dig it. One way to pre-empt the difficulty of writing multiple thank you cards is to bring some with you to the conference. You can make up a few each day–or at least address them right after you get cards–and save some time. Many of us may not include a mailing address on our bcards. So, if you think you want to write letters, ask for addresses while you are face-to-face.

  3. beth zeigler

    Hi Dyana–great tips, I especially like the one about bringing the follow-up back around to the person you’re connecting with (why they’re a good connection). Telling the other person how much they have inspired you will inspire them (a win-win situation).
    And I love “It’s all in the wrist”–v. nice!
    Have a great time–Can’t wait to hear all about the conference!