Project Management, Accountability and Web design

A few HOW Designcasts coming up
(including Luke Mysse and the Best of CFC 2011):

Sept. 28th – Can’t Designers and Web Developers Get Along? 10 Ways to Make Everybody’s Job Easier,
with Patrick McNeil, designer, web developer, and author.

The relationship between web designer and web developer doesn’t have to be fraught with tension. Patrick McNeil—not only a designer and web developer but also the content director of HOW Interactive Design—will let you in on 10 ways to ensure interdepartmental harmony.  Click Here to learn more.

Sept. 29th – Project Management through Work Tiering, with Jennifer Miller, consultant for in-house creative teams.

One of the biggest challenges facing in-house design managers is managing excessive workloads. But there are specific, focused strategies that can help you wrestle down this bear of a problem. As co-principal of Cohen-Miler Consulting, Jen Miller has helped some of the biggest names in business today get a handle on their workloads through project tiering. Today, she’ll present proven tactics for taking control of your time by organizing and prioritizing your projects and ever-growing to-do lists.  Click Here to learn more.

Oct. 10 Best of CFC 2011 Part 2:
Business Planning with Action and Accountability with Luke Mysse

Direct from the Creative Freelancer Conference 2011, join us for an expansion of one of the favorite sessions with veteran “business-minded designer,” Luke Mysse on exactly how to take yourself seriously as a business person and how to make business planning fun. After a short presentation, we’ll go behind the scenes in a Q&A with Marketing Mentor Ilise Benun, asking the questions everyone wants answers to, such as, “How exactly do you get people on your board of advisors?”

Attendees will learn:

  • How to create “juicy goals”
  • How to stay accountable for your goals
  • How to create your own, personal board of advisors

Here’s what creative freelancers said about Luke’s presentation at CFC:
“I liked the practical, yet inspiring, advice Luke had about an evolving business plan, a group of close advisors and being accountable to your goals and dreams.”

“I came away with so many actions I can take immediately to improve my business, and he made the idea of creating a business plan fun (with “juicy” goals).”
Register for Luke’s presentation here.