5 Ways to Save Money With Your Freelance Business

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Being a freelance designer or running your own design shop takes a lot of navigating. You have to prospect clients, manage a team and vendors, and deliver great work against tight deadlines — all while balancing finances.

One problem we hear over and over is that high quality images and graphics are expensive, but creating every asset from scratch for each project just doesn’t make sense. Designers face this type of trade off everyday, so here are some simple suggestions to help you manage it:

How to Better Manage Your Freelance Business + Save Money

1. Stop overpaying for stock graphics!
Use a subscription-based service so you can get more for what you pay for. Buying one image at a time can get really expensive, really fast. Instead, subscribe to a service that allows you to download as many clips as you’d like all for a low monthly rate.  Like Netflix but for graphics! 

GraphicStock.com offers a library of over 100,000 high-quality stock images, graphics, backgrounds, textures, icons, and more. Plus they are offering 7 Days of FREE Downloads for How Design readers. Start Downloading Here.

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2. Find online tutorials that keep you up to speed on the latest graphic design resources.

There are tons of tutorial sites that focus on design and who also offer free online resources. Lynda, Creative Live, HOW Design University and Treehouse offer some amazing design-related video content that will help unlock your creativity.

3. Get involved on community sites and blogs.
This helps facilitate creativity and while getting advice from those in your same field. Plus, you’ll find other money-saving ideas that have worked for others. Dribbble and Behance offer great communities where you can explore postings for inspiration, or share your own work to get valuable feedback.

4. Use free Wifi
Some of your best work can come from your surroundings. Try working in a coffee shop or local library. You’ll save money on Internet use while also being inspired by what’s around you. OpenWifiSpots.com is a free service that has a website and free app in the AppStore.

5. Get Organized
There is no silver bullet here, but it’s easy to lose track of what you’re working on with so many distractions in life. By organizing your thoughts and making a plan you’ll be able to stay focused and use your time effectively!