Sept. 21: 3rd Annual Int’l Freelancers Day

Clear your calendar 2 weeks from today — Friday, Sept 21, 2012 — for the 3rd Annual International Freelancers Day.

What is it? It’s the world’s biggest FREE online conference exclusively for freelancers, consultants, solopreneurs and other self-employed service professionals.

It will feature 13 all-star speakers in the areas of freelancing, self-employment, marketing, social media and personal development. Folks such as CFC 2012 speakers Ed Gandia (he’s the organizer and host!), Dyana Valentine and me (Ilise Benun).

You’ll also see Danielle LaPorte, Laura Roeder, Noah Scalin, Amy Porterfield, Peleg Top … and more!

What do you get? You’ll get 4+ hours of free, content-rich instructional presentations on a variety of topics. Tips, strategies and ideas that will help take your solo business to the next level of success.

Best part? It’s completely FREE. All you have to do is register, which takes 4 seconds. To register, or to learn more, visit

And while you’re there, check out the cool 90 sec. video on that page!

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