Sponsor’s Corner: Cultivating a new idea with community.

This post comes to you from ideablob.com, one of our sponsor partners of the Creative Freelancer Conference. Ideablob is both a community and a contest. The brainchild of Advanta (a company started in 1951 with less than $100 in seed money), it lets creative entrepreneurs pitch ideas and, through community response and vote, win the start-up money to get them going.

One person may say, “I’ve got a great idea, but I can’t tell anyone…they might steal it.” Or, “I’ve got a great idea for a business, but I don’t know where to get good feedback and advice from a large and diverse group of supportive people, one that extends far beyond my circle of friends and family.”

Utopian? Unrealistic?

Nope. Believing that people generally want to help others, we created ideablob.com, an idea sharing community where entrepreneurs and small business owners share and grow their business ideas. People submit business ideas, give and get advice and then each month, the community votes on the best idea to win $10,000. Ideablob is a supportive place where people can create some momentum to help bring their ideas to reality. There is no up-sell, cross-sell or marketing on the site. It’s a blobber’s paradise where open ideas flourish.