Sponsor’s Corner: Why a creative freelancer should consider email marketing …

This post is brought to you by Emma, the stylish Web-based email marketing and communications company that helps more than 15,000 small businesses, designers and agencies create, send and track their email campaigns in style. Emma’s own Steve Turney will be at the Creative Freelancer Conference this week, and he’ll be happy to set you up with a free tour or test drive.

Email marketing is speedy.

Creative freelancers put a premium on time, and when it comes to marketing efforts, creative freelancers appreciate speed-of-use.

From my experience, a freelancer or solopreneur often needs to wear a lot of hats to manage the various sundry aspects of day-to-day business. There’s the Writing Beanie, the Sales Sombrero, the Design Tam o’shanter, the Thinking Cap, the Marketing Beret, that Accounting Pointy-Wizard … Thing. The list goes on, but my ability to think up funny hat types does not.

So, when considering how to market your own personal brand and services, email is one of the fastest ways to stylishly communicate on a regular basis with your whole audience.

Did you just update your portfolio? Send a quick email about it. Been blogging recently? Send an email teasing and linking to your last three posts. If it feels scary to find time for the Big Newsletter, think about shorter, more frequent content instead.

Freelance designers and copywriters have the added advantage of showing off their work in the email itself. Take the opportunity to be your own client and let people see your services in action.

So hit send on that email, throw off that Marketing Beret, and don your Profit & Loss Fedora. Now don’t you look smashing.

Oh, and if you’d like a little help in reviewing your emails before you hit send, stop by our tabletop display at CFC next week and pick up the Emma Email Checklist, with five checkpoints that’ll guide you through a quick review of all the elements that play a role in engaging your subscribers.