Starting 2011 with thank yous

Ilise BenunI’ve spent some time over the holidays reflecting, and one of the things I’ve reflected on is this blog: what it is and what it could be.

In 2010, at the Creative Freelancer Conference, we saw a need and made the decision to transform the Creative Freelancer Blog into a place where attendees and would-be attendees could stay in touch and keep the momentum of the annual event alive.

We spent 3 feverish months orchestrating that transformation and in the 4 months since we relaunched, this blog has exceeded my expectations. It has become a place where freelancers help each other by sharing their experiences, candidly and humbly, by passing along what they’ve learned so others, following in their footsteps, won’t make the same mistakes. (They’ll make their own and, ideally, write about them for those who follow.)

None of this could have happened without the efforts of many, many people. So I wanted to begin 2011 by acknowledging the efforts of all the freelancer/bloggers (see the growing list of “Our Authors” in the right margin).

Also, behind the scenes, there are a few key people at F&W Media who are indispensable to this blog. I am grateful to Gary Lynch, Larry Zimmer and Bryn Mooth for their support.

And, of course, thanks to all our readers and followers. Tell us what you want from this blog for 2011 and we’ll do our best to evolve in that direction. And if you want to be a blogger, check out our guidelines and send along your ideas for blog posts.