Success Already for #CFConf Attendees

On July 2, barely a week after CFC/HOWLive had ended, I got this message from creative freelancer and copywriter, Tom Tumbusch:Tom Tumbush

“By the time I left CFC 2013, I had already picked up enough new business to more than cover all of my conference expenses—and I’m still following up with many other great new connections!”

This was not only a results of the non-stop networking between CFC sessions, but also because of the connections he made at the trade show-style activity we did during the Matchmaking Happy Hour when we lifted the wall (literally) and invited in the 700+ InHOWse conference attendees.

And Tom isn’t the only already reaping the results. Over in the CFC LinkedIn group, Jen Lombardi, who was one of the speakers at CFC this year, asked what goals attendees had already attained. Here are the highlights:

Jen Lombardi: 

”I’ve spoken with my landlord about finalllllly expanding my office to accommodate three more staffers (and give me some added privacy). Architect is drawing up plans and I’ve already scoped at new furniture at Ikea and an upgraded phone system at OfficeMax.”

Jodi K: I came back from the CFC and turned down 2 jobs I did not want to take (when in the past I always felt obligated to take EVERYTHING) and also raised my pricing for a few long-standing clients who were getting my lower rate from 6 years ago! Today I turned down another job from a client who never knows what he wants and talks in circles. I’m telling everyone I know they have to go next year (in Boston, May 12-16, 2014)

Sonia Q: I’ve turned in my resignation and will be going FT freelance as a copywriter after next week. (I hadn’t planned on quitting until the end of the year.) 

I’ve also received several promising leads to potential new clients.

Nicole B: I have committed to my new positioning and feel so much more confident about the work that I am doing.

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