Tackling Deadbeat Clients

My mistake the other day when I posted the Breakfast Roundtables for this year’s Creative Freelancer Conference, I missed one that will be moderated by Carolyn Silveira of the Freelancers Union:

Get Paid, Not Played: How We Can Tackle Deadbeat Clients

Almost every freelancer will have at least one client who doesn’t pay, or pays late. What are your strategies for getting the check? What worked and what didn’t? Let’s share our best practices and learn from the wisdom of each other’s experiences.

3 thoughts on “Tackling Deadbeat Clients

  1. Julie Riley

    I had a client last year who kept delaying payment on three projects. I ended up sending a demand letter (for less than $100 cost) and received payment for 2 of the 3 jobs. After that, I decided it was not worth taking them to Small Claims Court. In hindsight, I would have sent the Demand Letter much sooner, seeing as it got almost instantaneous results, versus emailing and calling every month for almost a year!