Tapping into the green market

Earlier this year, I wrote a piece about “greenlancing,” for this blog, where I discussed what it takes to work for clients with a sustainable mission—and why most freelancers are probably better qualified than they think to do so.

I closed that post with a promise to do a follow-up article about opportunities in the sustainability market. I figured I’d write it in the next month or so. That was April.

Then something completely unexpected happened…the kind of surprise you get when your marketing machine is humming along smoothly. I got a call from HOW magazine.

“We really like the ‘greenlancing’ piece you did for the Creative Freelancer Blog. Would you like to expand it into a larger piece for the magazine?” The answer to that one was pretty obvious.

So in short, you haven’t seen the follow-up article yet because this topic was transformed overnight from a series of blog posts I was writing for free into a paid gig. You can see the result in the November issue of HOW, available now.

Happily, though, I still get to keep my promise. The information I planned to use for the follow-up post is now available as a free, web-exclusive companion to the print article.

In it, you’ll learn where to find sustainable opportunities, plus tips to help you determine which segments of the green market best fit your skills and interests. It’s a great resource for any creative pro who’s looking to do more work in the sustainable arena. Here’s the link:

Find Your Green Graphic Design Niche

Tom N. Tumbusch writes copy that creates action for creative agencies and green businesses. He’s a regular contributor to the CFC blog and publishes a free writing tips newsletter each month. His tiny solar-powered corner of the Internet can be found at www.wordstreamcopy.com.

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