The CFC: get ready to rock it!

Just two more days to the Creative Freelancer Conference and we’re tying up some loose ends before we head out to Chicago.

If you can’t make it, of course you’ll be able to buy recordings of the sessions (sign up for the newsletter and you’ll hear about that). But the session material makes up just a small part of the value of the experience.

The real reason to attend a live event is face time — the opportunity to talk to other people about the things that matter.

If you’re one of those last minute deciders, see if these roundtable discussion topics for Thursday and Friday mornings don’t make you salivate. Here’s what’s on the schedule so far:


  • How to set up the perfect home workspace
  • Morning people or night owls: creating the ideal work schedule
  • Parents & Pros: working at home with kids

AND roundtables based on type of work: Photographers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Illustrators, Copywriters and more…

We’ll be talking up a storm and if you’re not part of the discussion, you miss out on the goodies.