Too Much Information! Work/Life Balance Video with Dyana Valentine

Dyana ValentineToday’s question is: There is too much information on blogs and web sites that I’m interested in reading but I’m too busy working on client work. How do I balance it all?

I’ll answer below and in this video:

Too Much Information! from Dyana Valentine on Vimeo.

Give us your answer in the comments and tell us what work/life balance questions you struggle with and I’ll answer them in future videos. Here goes…

1) Pedal to the Metal: If you are really game-on to dedicate yourself to seeking out info and participating in info-gathering and sharing. Try this:

  • Set up a sort for your information: have it go directly to folders or sort your bookmarks under topic-specific tabs in your browser.
  • Spend 30 minutes, 2x per day: use a timer, get distractions minimized and set some goals. What do you want to accomplish for that particular session? Leave three comments, put up a post of your own, read your top five blogs (Yes, that means you will be prioritizing your reading!).

2) Cruise Control: set the timer for 15 minutes a day, once per day. Your brain setting for this is at “simple scan.” If you have skipped a newsletter you subscribe to more than 5 times, unsubscribe. If you miss it, you’ll know where to find it. Use your 15 minutes as a treat for your hard work!

3) Limo, please: find hubs for your information. Who are the communities, sites or individuals who speak your language and make it their mission to be out and about, collecting your kind of juicy info? A selection of my favorite hubs of experience and information are:

How do you deal with information overload? Tell us or suggest your own info hunt, gather& sort tip in the comments below.

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BTW: There’s always more Dyana from CFC 2008 and CFC 2010.

One thought on “Too Much Information! Work/Life Balance Video with Dyana Valentine

  1. Alicia

    I am guilty of absolutely abusing the free service. Links I want to read later, videos, articles etc, I accumulate and eventually come back to them. But it seems to work and for the links I miss or if they expire, they weren’t important enough to begin with. But I try to collect them on the run (check Twitter whenever I’m on my way to a meeting etc), copy links to ReadItLater, then when I’m home at night I can take 30 min and get through a pile of information.