Top 10 Lessons for Freelancers from CFC 2013

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There have already been a few round ups of “lessons learned” and resources shared at CFC 2013 last week in San Francisco.

Here is another: highlights from web designer, Jill Anderson, The Top 10 Things I Learned at CFC:

Jill Anderson post imageGrowing doesn’t always mean getting bigger. During the panel discussion “From the Trenches: How to Grow Into a Small Business,” four designers shared their thoughts on growing their business. Three of these designers had grown into a small agency, and one designer, Kirk Roberts, talked about how growth to him didn’t necessarily mean expanding beyond one person. Amen to that! I’m quite content being a one-person shop.

Jessica Hische is hilarious. I had the honor of introducing one of the speakers, Jessica Hische, letterer and illustrator extraordinaire. She gave a witty and informative talk on the Dark Art of Pricing. While discussing contracts, she nonchalantly said “Contracts should be written on a napkin that says, ‘You be cool. I be cool.’” If only it was that easy 🙂

Read the rest on her blog here.

What did you learn?