Vote for slack-a-licious Jeff “LogoMotives” Fisher

Anyone who heard Jeff Fisher’s inspiring talk about how the solopreneur life affords unparallelled freedom and mobility–and saw the far-flung visual proof of it in his slideshow–knows there’s probably no one with a more slacker-friendly business. (Although to be fair, he’s the working-est slacker I’ve ever met.)

So why not show your support for one of our own?! Go to StartUpNation and vote for Jeff in the 2008 Home-Based100 Competition, in–you guessed it–the most slacker-friendly category.

(Oh–and thanks to Jeff and everyone else who voted for/promoted me in the Southwest Airlines Blog-O-Spondent contest. I’m in the top 10, which puts me in the running for the finals in at BlogWorld Expo in Vegas this month.)

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