We’re meeting at 6am?

At CFC, I loved the idea of “early morning netwalking” — for other people! But for me? I need my sleep. Why can’t we netwalk at 11am? As a self-proclaimed hibernator, I’m thrilledif I start working by 9am. Meeting for walks at 6am? I didn’t even realize life happened that early in the morning.

The first few mornings when the alarm went off at 5:30am, I just laughed. This is nuts. Who gets up this early?

But as the days went on, I started to appreciate it having a head start on the day. Being out and about before the day’s busyness started gave me time to clear my head (and see some of Denver’s seriously cute dogs.)

Here is a picture of the morning walkers. (Thanks, Dyana!)


When I came home, I continued getting up early — at 7am.

This morning, I heard myself telling Ilise, “I can’t believe how much I get done when I get up early! It’s only 1pm and I’ve done so much.”

I have to admit it. There is something to be said for this early bird stuff.

I feel like I’m ahead of the day instead of the day being ahead of me. As a result of getting up early, I’ve been able to end my day early feeling productive instead of way too late feeling frazzled. It has totally changed my outlook.

There are so many amazing things I’ve taken home from CFC, but this completely unexpected one has made one of the biggest impacts.

What unexpected things did you take away from CFC?

2 thoughts on “We’re meeting at 6am?

  1. Janee

    Wow, that gives me a lot of hope! I’m a late-nighter too, who cannot seem to get in the habit of getting up early no matter what. I was not able to attend the CFC but am LOVING the blog posts and articles I can find online about it. Thanks so much!