We’ve got stuff for photographers…

Ilise BenunTo date, the “creative freelancer community” (as we like to think of it) has consisted of muchos designers, a gaggle of writers, some illustrious illustrators and a handful of photographers.

One of our goals is to offer material that is useful for all creative freelancers, but especially focused on the 4 creative disciplines represented on our new navigation bar.

And that’s why we’ve recruited experts and partners in each of these areas. So from our photography contingent, first up is Shannon Fagan, whom I met recently at an event in NY sponsored by the ASPP (American Society of Picture Professionals).

Shannon impressed me with his knowledge and thoughts about the future of the photography industry. When I asked if he would contribute to the blog, he sent me material almost immediately. You’ll read the first one tomorrow: The Domino Effect, about the latest trend toward user-generated content instead of hiring professionals to do things like, you know, take pictures.

We’re looking for more, so if you or anyone you know wants to contribute, check out our blogging guidelines and send in your ideas for consideration.