What if you didn’t offer web design?

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planIn a recent post that has gotten a number of surprisingly lengthy (and heartfelt) responses, Pam Saxon wrote about the realization that she was losing money by offering web design. So she decided to stop and offer SEO and content development instead.

And last month, on the CFC LinkedIn Group, one freelancer posted this question as a discussion topic: Where are we all going if digital is not our passion? It also got a lot of response. (See it here.)

Are you also finding that the interactive work your clients are asking for isn’t profitable or enjoyable for you? How are you handling it? What creative solutions do you have? And if this is the future, where does that leave you?

One thought on “What if you didn’t offer web design?

  1. Pamela Saxon

    Just to clarify a little bit… I am still offering web design and development (as well as print design), but as secondary offerings — not my bread and butter. Content strategy and development (which includes social media) will soon be my main offering, and if a website is needed, I will then either be able to outsource it (if the project is too large) or fulfill it more quickly because I will no longer be waiting on content. At least… in a perfect world!