What is the future of freelancing?

Today, as 1st quarter comes to a close, the conversation over on Freelance Switch is about the future of freelancing.

Lots of people see the downside — more competition, lower fees — but what I see is more opportunity. And all you have to do is work a little harder to take advantage of it (and you know most people won’t).

According to Freelancers Union, “Independent workers are the backbone of the new economy, comprising one-third of the modern workforce in the United States. There are more than 42 million temps, independent contractors, consultants, part-timers, and self-employed entrepreneurs meeting the needs of 21st century employers eager for short-term, specialized labor.” (Read more of this report here.)

The Future of Freelancing also happens to be the topic of my intro session at The Creative Freelancer Conference this year, June 23-24, 2011 in Chicago (BTW: early bird deadline is tomorrow, April 1) and I could use your help preparing it. So tell me:

Does the future of freelancing look bright to you or dark? And what are you doing to make the most of it?

One thought on “What is the future of freelancing?

  1. Yuriy Z.

    In my opinion we don’t need to necessarily lower our prices. However we do need to increase our value.

    That means making sure we keep up to date with what’s hot/new (whether It’s a style or a technology) and making sure that we respond to changes in the marketplace by passing them onto tour customers, instead of dreading change. That means web developers should play with new scripts, designers should stop using cookie cutter designs and illustrators figure out cooler ways of showing off their art.

    The only people who are truly going to continue to suffer are those who refuse to learn new things, and figure out how to offer more to their customers.