What smart phone do you use?

I’m a designer trying to sync and stay connected to my other Apple products. Currently I have an Android and it’s pretty good. iPhone, Samsung, etc – what do you suggest?

I am ready for a new smart phone and was thinking the iPhone, but I am not so sure. The more research I do, looks like there may be some better options than the new iPhone with faster service, downloads, compatibility. I’d love to know what other creatives are using and why?

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9 thoughts on “What smart phone do you use?

  1. Michael

    Don’t be fooled by all the ad hype. Faster downloads, bigger screens, stylus, what?! It’s all designed to divert your attention from the legendary seamless integration and quality of the Apple brand.

  2. Marty

    I have an iPhone 4 that I got from a friend after he upgraded to an iPhone 4s. I bout a microsim card from Straight Talk. I pay $45 per month for unlimited talk text and data. And I didn’t even have to jailbreak it. Completely legal and an incredible alternative to ATT/Verizon.

    You can buy an unlocked new iphone directly from Apple and do the same thing. Or find a used one on eBay. Or check with your techno geek friends that always upgrade and have an old iPhone 4 or 3G sitting in a desk drawer.

    Do the math: Although a brand new unlocked iPhone from Apple is $649, you have no contract and are paying less than half what most iPhone users pay every month. Over the two year contact you save a bundle. Plus, when the iPhone 5 comes out, you buy it and pop in your sim card. Sell you old phone on eBay while all you friends complain about their contracts.

  3. Damien Golden

    I have an Android HTC now Gautum. It crashes when I give it to much to do or if I am switching from program to program to fast, but it is 2 years old, so I am sure the newer ones run at top speed.

  4. Damien Golden

    I can’t say enough about Verizon Alisa. We love them. Could be our geographic location too, but we travel from Delaware to Baltimore to Nashville to Puerto Vallarta, MX and it has covered us all places in between. When the iPhone came out we opted to stay with Verizon over an iPhone. I’m thinking I may just try to hold out for the new iPhone, but if I can’t the Samsung Galaxy is looking really good too.

  5. Deltonis Edwards

    If you are using Apple Products, I would say get Iphone 4s or 5(advent soon) to sync with ICLOUD and your apple computers. However, I’m still using the Iphone (1st GEN) to sync with my macs. Looking forward to upgrade to the Iphone 5 when it comes out.