Where’s the fine line? Part 1

Deidre RienzoAh, the unending quest to find balance in my workday. Lately I’ve been quite busy (which is great), but I’ve noticed some curious behaviors popping up in my normally routine-ish workday (which I’ve worked pretty hard to establish). This has left me wondering, at what point does our usage of “freelancer flexibility” begin to infringe on our work-life balance?

I see the freedom I have as an absolute luxury. I’m so grateful for it. Self-employed people have the freedom to do lots of cool things, like:

  • Meet a client, prospect, or friend for lunch or coffee
  • Exercise when we want – skip the crowd at the gym or take a midday bike ride
  • See the doctor in the middle of the day if necessary
  • Take time off, a few hours or even days when we choose to
  • Schedule summer work hours around vacations/children who are home from school
  • Be home to meet the cable guy/electrician/UPS guy
  • Be home to walk the dog
  • Work from Starbucks/Central Park/Australia/etc. I live in Ireland and visit home (New York) often. I work from both places.
  • Bake a midday banana bread!

What other freedoms do you treasure?

Listen to BTW: Lee Silber gave a kick-ass (can i say that?) session at the first Creative Freelancer Conference on “How to Find Time To Build Your Business.” Check it out here. [audio:http://iliseb.audioacrobat.com/download/b917de2b-0e4b-3d01-01d8-278bbd29fd12.mp3]

One thought on “Where’s the fine line? Part 1

  1. lidia varesco design

    I totally agree with all of those, Deidre! One of the reasons I wanted to start my own business — outside of the desire to be self-employed — was to have more time to dedicate to artistic pursuits outside of my client work (I have a background in fine art and bookbinding).

    Over the last 10 years, I was able to exhibit my paintings/book art — as well as to develop and grow my current line of greeting cards and stationery. I wouldn’t have been able to do either of those while working ‘9-to-5’ so I also treasure the life-work balance that running my own business offers me.

    And being able to bring your dog to work everyday is pretty cool too (Essie couldn’t imagine it any other way!)