Who’s going to CFC? Newbie, Kelsey Grafton

I got this message recently from Kelsey Grafton of Lewiston, Idaho, one of the newly-minted freelancers who will be attending the Creative Freelancer Conference in Boston this June 21-22 (early bird deadline is Monday, April 30):

Thank you for welcoming me to the CFC!!!  I am ecstatic to be joining you this year in Boston.

I have worked in-house as a graphic artist for several years and have tried everything to convince my bosses the value of sending me to the HOW Design conference, but to no avail.

However, my new boss, ME!!!, is much smarter and took very little convincing! This awesome boss knows that to succeed I will need tools and inspiration to set a strong foundation for my journey to success as a freelance illustrator!  So, here I am, about to embark on an amazing adventure!  My first scheduled stop: The CFC!

I just stepped out on my own and have been frantically building my marketing platform:  LinkedIn (Need to buy the webcast!), business cards, desperately updating my portfolio and website (still not done yet)…  all while juggling my client load.  — I hope to have my best foot forward by the CFC. It’s all a bit overwhelming, but I’m excited and determined!

I’m looking forward to gleaning all I can from you and the amazing set of speakers and peers I am sure to encounter.

So of course, I had to interview Kelsey to see how she made the leap to becoming her own boss.

In our interview, she told me she’d been miserable in her job, had hit a ceiling and didn’t know where else to go. Even though she was promoted and her new office had a nice patio, she felt it was “her time” to leave and go out on her own.

Winning “Best of Show” from the local ad club, the Lewis-Clark County Ad Club, confirmed to her that it’s “her time.”

She wants to appeal to a more national audience instead of limiting herself to her rural community where there aren’t many other graphic artists and illustrators. But she’s aware that she has a lot of learning to do. “I definitely need tools. I hate pricing. It’s been my biggest hindrance. It stresses me out.”

So she’s counting down to CFC and on Day 1, when I ask all the “new freelancers” to stand up, she’ll be one of them. Will you?

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