Will Jasmine make it to CFC?

I got this message last week from Jasmine Wabbington…maybe she’s not alone.

So I’ve been freelancing out of necessity. Not to say I don’t love the perks and freedom, but it’s been challenge so far.

Honestly tho, this year, with my lows being at their lowest, has been the best year ever. I’m finally getting the concept of NO and taking way more risks (to be myself).

My creativity is recovering and I’m wanting to design “just because” again. I went skydiving to cure my fear of heights (and clients) last month. It was fun but it only cured the heights part. At first it’s been scary picking up the phone but when you HAVE to things, start looking differently.

My time is much valuable to me now than ever. After being burned (a lot) I’m quick to talk contracts, fair pricing, scope and payment. Sometimes it takes that lesson. Still trying to find “my pair” — business requires it. I’d love to see everyone as a friend but some, as I’ve come to find out aren’t.

My freelance anniversary is May 20. I hope to throw a Ramen Noodle party. I think that would be fun.

I went ahead and registered for CFC, but whether that was financially wise is yet to be seen. I told myself, if you can’t make up that kind of money by June then you shouldn’t be freelancing.

Will I make it to Chicago? We’ll see.

Will you make it to Chicago, June 23-24? Early bird deadline ends this Sunday, May 1. Register here, before it’s too late.

2 thoughts on “Will Jasmine make it to CFC?

  1. Deidre

    Hi Jasmine,
    I’m sending good vibes your way. I know you can do it!
    Wow, you are very brave to go skydiving. Seriously, if you can jump out of plane, you can do anything, especially deal with clients and not be scared.
    Keep talking fair pricing and scope, and I have no doubt you will cover the admission to CFC, throw a swanky Ramen Noodle party, and have some extra profit.
    Good luck, and I look forward to meeting you!

  2. Crystal

    Hey Jasmine,

    In my experience, by just pursuing connections (which I am sure you will find many at the CFC) is always a move in a positive direction. Being around great energy and opening yourself to improvement and learning from others mistakes and successes will be worth the value.

    I saved up over this last year so I could finally make it and I am coming from Calgary, AB – so en-curing the extra travel cost in my mind will be worth it.

    I look forward to meeting you and other fellow creatives to help each other reach our dreams and potential!