Year-end pause with Dyana Valentine and Jodi Womack

Dyana ValentineA lot of us get into a bit of a frenzy at this time of year–we (meaning I) feel pressure to look back and analyze last year then create a plan, strategy or make a commitment for next year. What would it be like if we just paused, really paused and celebrated the opportunity to just connect with ourselves, make meaningful business relationships, rest a bit, and breathe deep?

Jodi Womack and I talked about her project, the Women’s Business Social and the power of re-negotiating your year end goals in this nine minute audio interview. Listen here:

Or download the mp3 here.

How do you treat the end of the year? What could stand some renegotiating right now? Share your stories and tips in the comments. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Year-end pause with Dyana Valentine and Jodi Womack

  1. lidia varesco design

    To kick of 2010, instead of making a list of goals, I made a list of things I wanted to learn (both business and non-business).

    Reviewing the list today, I see that I accomplished some (learn ways to increase traffic to my and my clients’ website), however I’m still working on others (re-learn how to play guitar).

    Though I’ve already set a few goals for 2011 (keep desk and email inbox tidy), I plan to once again make a “Things to Learn” list for 2011. Yes, re-learning how to play guitar will be on the list.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Dyana Valentine

      You are making me drool over here, Lidia. I want to see that list (if you wanna share it); and I want to hear you play guitar, too. Set a debut date (that’ll get ya practicing:)) I love this idea of Things To Learn. I’m gonna percolate on that one and report back. Keep on with your fab self.