Getting Started in Freelance Design

It’s something that every designer wonders at one point or another in their career evolution: How do I take the plunge and go solo? Could I start a graphic design business and pull it off? Here you’ll find all the information you need on exactly that, from how to get freelance design work to best practices to negotiating a fee truly reflective of your time and expertise. Freelancing isn’t easy, but by becoming your own boss, you can get the design jobs you want, and make your schedule and talent work for you.


How’s your business fitness?

People always laugh when I tell them I’m watching my weight. It’s easy to see why if you’ve ever met me. I was the “scrawny” kid in school. For most of my life I’ve enjoyed a fast metabolism that burns through food very quickly. And I’ve been drawn to hobbies like dancing and living...


Just a Reminder: Your Business Is Not About You

It’s a tricky concept but essential, so I’ll keep harping on it. So many aspects of your creative business are actually not about you. Your elevator pitch is not about you. The homepage of your web site is not about you. Your positioning statement is not about you….and on and on and on. If...