Getting Started in Freelance Design

It’s something that every designer wonders at one point or another in their career evolution: How do I take the plunge and go solo? Could I start a graphic design business and pull it off? Here you’ll find all the information you need on exactly that, from how to get freelance design work to best practices to negotiating a fee truly reflective of your time and expertise. Freelancing isn’t easy, but by becoming your own boss, you can get the design jobs you want, and make your schedule and talent work for you.

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You can’t mess with policy

I think calling something a “policy” immediately makes it more official. A few of my unspoken policies include: I will not check my email before I make my bed. Ilise Benun is the only person I will agree to speak with before 9 AM. If you ignore our scheduled phone call twice, and don’t apologize,...


Your First Promotional Materials as a Freelancer

There’s so much you don’t know when you first start your own creative business, whether you dive in with a plan (or without) or are nudged by outside forces. Beyond the nuts and bolts of running a business, you don’t know whether you have hidden talents for managing others or whether dormant genes for...


How to Work Remotely and Reinvent Your Life (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a post by Jake Jorgovan on “how to work remotely and reinvent your life.”  (In Part 1, he stated that the one thing you must have to do this is the ability to earn an income without being physically present….read on if that sounds good to you! Now this...


How to work remotely and reinvent your life

I’m working from the road this week so this guest post from Jake Jorgovan, who last wrote about how to get your freelance business started with a “freelance marketplace” like oDesk-Elance, is especially apt! We are in the emergence of a new age. The age of the remote worker. 10 years ago tools like...


The thrills and risks of freelancing — in the media again!

In honor of Labor Day, there are lots of articles about the new way people are working — although it’s not all that “new” to those of us who’ve been freelancing for YEARS, right? This insight I definitely see evidence of: ‘Many late-career freelancers are the most successful at it because they have years’ worth of...