Give me your best number…

Jill Anderson of Jill Lynn DesignI love recapping a year in numbers. There’s something about fitting a whole year into a neat little blog post that makes me feel like anything is possible. In my latest post, I shared my favorite numbers from 2014.

Here are some of them:

  • responsive websites designed + developed – 30
  • conferences attended – 3 (WordCamp, Web Afternoon & I spoke at CFBC!)
  • cups of coffee consumed per day –3 going on 4 (My trusty Keurig continues to pump out caffeine. We are having a long-term love affair.)
  • levels beat on Candy Crush – 751 (Addicted? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely.)
  • number of packages created– 4

Read the rest of my 2014 recap here.

What’s your favorite number from 2014?