A Growing Niche for Print & Publication Designers…

ilise-new-headshot-bug-1-11For all you print designers who don’t want to learn HTML and just wish you could find a niche where your print and publication design skills are valued…here it is.

A recent New York Times article has the answer for you: hobby magazines.

According to the article, “…as readers increasingly turn to the Internet for news and information, niche magazines continue to retain and attract loyal followings, making them a bright spot in an otherwise dim outlook for print periodicals.”


In fact, the parent company of our very own HOW Magazine, F&W Media, also owns Family Tree Mag covermany of these passion-propelled publications and communities, including woodworking, horticulture, genealogy, numismatics and more.

So for 2014, as you think about which markets to target, think passion. Because, as Marvin Shanken, one of the publishers  quoted in the article, states, “For people who have a passion,” said Mr. Shanken, “they have an endless appetite.”

Here’s a conference coming up for Niche Magazine Publishers — could be a good place to start your research.

And if you’re not sure what to do first, sign up for a free mentoring session and I’ll point you in the right direction.