The Heart of a Champion Creative Freelancer

We say it all the time in different ways: Creative freelancers are champions. You battle a revolving door of clients that need to be seduced; you outsmart the dark art of pricing; and you thrive in feast, famine and everything in between. It’s never easy to stay inspired or keep networking even when you’d much rather take a nap. You have to build your person brand, while executing your clients’ projects and remembering to submit the latest proposal, contract or invoice.


Through it all, you keep pushing, fighting. You stay in the game and win the clients. Sometimes you have help, but mostly it’s just you, working your ass off. And that, my friend, is very admirable. But it doesn’t mean you always have to go it alone. On the Creative Freelancer Blog, you have access to all sorts of great tips for reaching out to your peers, a virtual team, potential clients and clients’ clients. When you attend local networking happy hours or inspirational talks over breakfast pastries at Creative Mornings, you’re setting yourself up for success.


So continue to take these opportunities to invest in your future as a freelancer. Keep working toward more feasts and fewer famines. Exercise your design/content strategy/branding skills, so that you’re a creative powerhouse instead of being one project away from inspiration burn out. It’s a delicate balance, but sometimes a simple personal project involving a paper toy can be the difference between keeping on and quitting.


photo from Shutterstock

So the next time you feel a little less than a gold-medal-winning champion, remember that you’re awesome. We know your clients appreciate your show-stopping work—even if that haven’t stopped to tell you lately.

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