How Do You Do Your Day?

On the very active (and incredibly useful) LinkedIn Group for the Creative Freelancer Conference last month, there was a lively discussion on time management for freelancers, in which people shared how they “do” their day. (I even did a podcast on how I do my day.)My calendar

So I thought I’d bring the topic over here to open up the discussion since most creative freelancers, often working alone, don’t ever get to see or hear first hand how others literally “do” their day.  Tell us:

  • When do you take breaks, how often, and for how long?
  • What makes you feel stressed?
  • When is your day done?
  • What do you say no to? Say maybe to? Put off indefinitely without ever saying “no”?
  • How is saying “no” related to productivity?

Share you experience with the rest of us so we can learn!