[HOWLive Podcast] Are you prepared? with Dana Manciagli

Creative Freelancer Business Conference

We’re kicking off the official Speaker Podcast series for HOW Design Live 2014 with Dana Manciagli, whose session on Thursday, May 15, 2014, “Behind the Corporate Curtain,” is part of the Creative Freelancer Business Conference line-up.

Illustration by Ian Keith  http://www.imagicon.ca

Illustration by Ian Keith

In this lively interview with CFBC host and founder of Marketing-Mentor.com, Ilise Benun, Dana gives a taste of what she’ll be speaking on and shares some of her techniques (learned in her 30 years at Microsoft and other corporations) for living up to the expectations of corporate world.

Here is just one of the questions I asked her….

Q: What should creatives who want to work within the corporate world know about how to prepare?

A: Well, this is precisely why I’m excited to be presenting in Boston since I will be sharing many of these secrets with the Creative Freelancer Business Conference!  But here are just a few previews:

  • Before an initial call, block an hour to do research. LinkedIn, the company’s website, recent articles in your local Business Journal, their Facebook business page, etc.
  • If you are making phone calls, script your voicemail and the points you want to make in a phone dialogue. It’s amazing how hard it is for freelancers to answer “what is your specialty” or “what do you do?”
  • If you are going to a meeting with a client, arrive 30 minutes early to prevent being late, have an agenda for the meeting, bring extra hand-outs even if you e-mailed something earlier, and bring samples of your work, if appropriate.

You can listen to the podcast here….and let us know how you prepare (and what happens when you don’t!)