Is your client in enough pain?

Client Pain Tip

Earlier this month, we posted Part 1 of a blog post from Erin Pheil, a designer who presented an idea at CFC 2013 about the connection between the success of your projects and the pain your client is in to get it done.

In part 2, Erin shares 3 questions you can ask a prospect to assess the level of their pain. Here’s one of them:

Question #1: Find Out If Their Problem Is On The “Front Burner”

You need to find out if the potential clients you speak with are truly ready to invest the time, money, and energy required to make their projects successful.

Ask them this question: Mr. Smith, would you say that fixing XYZ is truly a front-burner issue for you?
(In this question, “XYZ” refers to the PAIN or PRIMARY PROBLEM you’ve discovered they have—the reason they’ve come to you.)

For psychological reasons we don’t have time to delve into today, this one question does wonders at uncovering potential problem projects before they begin.

  • If you get a response along the lines of “ABSOLUTELY!!”, you may be talking to a great potential client, and you’re free to move forward with your conversation.
  • If you get a response along the lines of “Probably not” or “Well… kind of.  Maybe middle burner?”, you need to hit the pause button and dig a bit deeper. There could be a problem here.  Try using Question #2 which you’ll find here.

Have you ever noticed this? How do you know if a client is a good one?

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