Kickstarter Tips & Tricks for Creative Projects

ilise-new-headshot-bug-1-11If you have ever wondered if Kickstarter is the answer for your creative project — whether professional, personal or a passion project — I hope you’ll check out Kickstarter Tips & Tricks, a 90-minute webinar by illustrator, Cedric Hohnstadt.

This webinar is just one of 11 presentations you’ll get to watch (and download to keep) as part of our latest CFBC Winter online event, Strategies for Creative Freelancers, which takes place this Thursday, January 30, 2014. (See details below — be sure to use the promo code “CFWIN2014” so all you spend is $99).

In this amazing webinar, Cedric shares so much of his process and he firmly debunks the fantasy that crowdfunding is a magic bullet for anyone. He describes exactly how he raised more than $16,000 (almost twice his goal) to produce his passion project, The Pose Drawing Sparkbook.

This webinar is essentially a step-by-step guide to what he did and how it worked, PLUS what didn’t work and what he learned as he went along.

Cedric Hohnstadt Kickstarter project

In this presentation, he explains in detail:

  • What to do in advance to set yourself up for success
  • How to set your fundraising goal
  • How to use social media to get the momentum going right away
  • How to plan your rewards (what the backers get in exchange for their support)
  • How to build your Kickstarter web page
  • How to do a great video to share to promote the project
  • How to get your campaign off to a strong start — which is crucial
  • What to factor into your budget for your project (to make sure you don’t lose money on it!) especially if math is not your strong suit.

He shares the key ingredients to make it work, including the Kickstarter video (watch Cedric’s here), which increases your chances of getting funded fivefold. His tips on how to do an effective video::

  • Be personal
  • Be passionate
  • Be friendly
  • Be a human being
  • Tell your story
  • Say what’s amazing about your project
  • And don’t forget to ask for the money
  • Explain where it will go and what they will get (the rewards for backing it)
  • And remind watchers what happens if you don’t reach the goal (they project doesn’t get funded at all!)
  • Then thank them.
  • And do all of this in 2-3 minutes.

That’s not all. Cedric also explains how to run your campaign:

  • How long a campaign should be
  • Key moments in the campaign
  • How to get people to donate right away
  • How to harness social media to spread the word
  • What’s the right tone to take (i.e. how to ask for money humbly)
  • How to get people to retweet your tweets
  • What to give away free
  • How to get help from the crowd — and how to ask for that help
  • How to make it easy for others to share your project
  • How to barter for ad space to spread the word
  • How to do cross promos with other Kickstarters
  • How to communicate with your backers to get them to spread the word
  • How to be persistent but not “spammy”
  • How Kickstarter helps you in the final stretch and what to do in the final 48 hours to make sure your time and investment isn’t wasted.
  • Plus, what to do “post campaign” (after celebrating of course) because it’s not over til it’s over.

I was so impressed by not only what Cedric did but the clarity and generosity with which he shared his process in this video. Watching it, what occurred to me is that this is not only the way to do Kickstarter. It’s essentially a marketing plan you can use for your own creative business too. So many of the concepts apply. (BTW, included in the ticket price for this Thursday’s event is the latest Marketing Mentor 2014 Marketing Plan + eCalendar for Creative Professionals — completely free!)

There is so much to learn from this webinar it’s worth the price without the 10 other presentations — many on the theme of work/life balance — that are also part of this online event. (Here are the details to find out how it works.)

Hope to see you there on Thursday, Jan 30, 2014.