3 Best Practices for Your LinkedIn Profile


Is your LinkedIn profile attracting the right clients for you or your firm? And do you even know what makes a good LinkedIn profile for designers and agency owners? Bad examples are everywhere you click; good ones are hard to find.

That’s why I collect them.

In “Marketing Blueprints” my new videos series, I analyze excellent examples of LinkedIn profiles of designers, agency owners and other creative professionals.


But first, here are 3 best practices for your LinkedIn profile:

1. Your title is the #1 most important element of your profile because it’s what most people see unless they’re on your profile page. So if your title says, “Graphic Designer,” you’re in trouble. Instead, it should convey clearly what you and your business does — and for whom. (There are lots of examples in the videos.)

2. Your Summary should speak directly — literally using “you” — to address the needs of your best prospects.

3. Use “calls to action” to prompt those who visit your profile to reach out to you and/or visit your web site for more information and to see samples of your work.

In the videos below, all twelve of the excellent examples of LinkedIn profiles I feature follow these guidelines, each in their own creative way. Borrow these best practices and apply them to your own.

Best Practices for LinkedIn Profiles Video: