Listen and Learn: 5 Inspiring Design Podcasts about Passion & Purpose


On the prowl for design podcasts? If you’re aching to use your design talents and skills to serve a larger purpose and/or to support your passion, here’s a collection of HOW Design Live podcast episodes to inspire you.

Podcast Episode 32: Scott Boylston on How to Use Design for a Purpose


My conversation with SCAD professor of design for sustainability, Scott Boylston, is one of my favorite recent episodes, not just because he spoke so articulately about how he has built a non profit on the side of his day job; but also because it was a do-over. (The first take was unusable due to technical issues). There’s always the worry that you can’t recapture the freshness or spontaneity of the first take. Turns out, take 2 was so much better! That’s a lesson in itself – don’t fret if you invested time in something and you have to throw it away. That effort is never actually wasted!

trespicio267Podcast Episode 24: Terri Trespicio on Passion Projects

I love this episode for many reasons, but especially because it’s rooted in Terri Trespicio’s popular TEDx talk, Stop Searching for Your Passion, in which she debunks that cultural imperative that (IMHO) sends too many people on a wild goose chase. There’s a lot to learn here about putting things in their proper place and not making your day job carry more burden than it can handle.

Podcast Episode 11: Matthew Manos on How a Design Business Can Make an Impact


Matthew Manos, author of the (free) book, “How to Give Half of Your Work Away for Free,” is doing something different with his design skills – he’s giving them away without being a starving artist — and teaching others to do the same. His HOW Design Live presentation in Atlanta was inspiring to so many who wonder how they can do pro bono work and still make a living. He’s found a solution and he’s giving that away too.

yosantosa.comPodcast Episode 9: Yo Santosa on The Pursuit of Passion and Design Entrepreneurship

Yo Santosa is another one of those go-getters with tons of ideas. What sets her apart is that she actually implements many of them – with help, of course – including an online business selling her mother’s delicious cookies! That’s a dream so many people have – and she did it successfully. I originally recruited Yo to speak on the Creative Entrepreneur program at HOW Design Live in Atlanta 2016 but she had a scheduling conflict. Instead, we got this inspiring conversation. Fingers crossed that she’ll be available for HOW Live in Chicago 2017!

Neil-JenBaker-Brown-1Podcast Episode 6: Neil & Jen Baker Brown on A Designer’s Responsibility to the Future

I love this conversation with Neil & Jen Baker Brown, one of the early episodes, because it turned into a bit of a sermon – the good kind – on the social and environmental responsibilities of the designer, and especially in collaboration with corporations. If you want to be a design activist, these ideas will fuel you. Check out Neil & Jen’s web series on the Future of Creativity too.

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