Freelancers: HOWLive Attendees Want to Hire You!

Creative Freelancer Business ConferenceThe final early bird deadline for HOW Design Live is Tuesday, April 1. If you’re still on the fence, read this post about an InHOWse attendee who was sent to HOWLive in 2013 to look for freelancers to hire — and found them!

In 2012, when Stephanie Holland joined the Publication Division of American Chemical Society, outside agencies created all their materials, from strategy to design and copywriting. But the quality was sub-par.

Instead of trying to find another agency, the company thought the essence of the problem was the fact that they were outsourcing it in the first place.

So they made the decision to bring everything in house and contract freelancers to supplement their needs. That’s why Holland sent one of her team members to HOW Design Live in 2013 with a very specific charge: to find good freelance resources.

And find them they did. At the Matchmaking Happy Hour on day 1, where 30+ freelancers had their work laid out in trade show format, she found 2 great ones: Tom Tumbusch of WordStreamCopy to do copywriting and Kristin Kieffer for design.

In fact, their design needs were so great ACS has already done “tens of thousands of dollars of work” with Kristin, plus introduced her to some of their other departments. What a windfall for Kristin. (I’ll bet she was happy she attended CFBC!)

Holland says the new ACS strategy is working great. “It’s more work for us with project management, and it was a challenge at first to work with 2 freelancers who hadn’t collaborated with each other before. (Hint: Any pairs of designers/writers attending this year’s event? There is an opportunity there!). But our department is not only now producing a much better product, other departments now look to us as a model. This really has set us apart from our colleagues.”

This is not an isolated incident. More and more in house departments are taking advantage of the increasing number of freelancers — they are looking for you! Will they find you at the Creative Freelancer Business Conference this year? (You can still get $50 off with discount code “ILISE14” — and take advantage of the final early bird deadline on Tuesday, April 1. Do it now:

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