Design for Good: Luke Mysse’s Amazing Ride Is Almost Over!

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Design for GoodHave you done anything yet to stop severe acute malnutrition? Luke Mysse has. (And you can too — right here!)

Luke is a veteran CFC speaker whose “rants” have inspired many creative professionals to reach for their “big juicy goals” and design for good. But this guy practices what he preaches, and his big juicy goal is to Stop SAM (severe acute malnutrition).

That’s why, last year, he gave up his design business to co-found and create “Cycle Cause, A Ride Across America to End Severe Acute Malnutrition.” His 90-day, 5000-mile cross country bike trip started in June in San Diego and ends on September 28 in New York (join us at Rapha Cycling Club if you can — I’ll be there!).

In an earlier video, Luke told the story of his family leaving it all behind to cycle across America this summer to help save the lives of severely malnourished children.

“My name is Luke Mysse and cycling has changed my life,” Luke wrote on his IndieGogo page during the initial fundraising phase. “I’ve lost over 100lbs in the past 5 years riding a bike. Cycling has given me better health and the time spent riding has helped me find my purpose. I’m walking away from a 17-year-old business to ride my bike over 4,500 miles across America with my wife and two boys following along in an RV. This trip is to tell the story of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) and raise money to provide lifesaving treatments.”

Learn more about his trip so far and the cause he’s dedicated himself (and his family) to in this video via one of his sponsors, Xero Accounting Software (perfect for creative professionals!):

Don’t worry, not everyone has to give up his or her design business to design for good. Here are some great resources for design activism and charitable design work: