New Online Event 4-16-14: Strategies for Freelancers Spring 2014


MDS_FreelanceConference-125Join us for the 3rd quarterly offering in our new series of online presentations, Strategies for Creative Freelancers, Spring 2014: Wednesday, April 16, Noon-6 PM.

Nine freelancers (some of whom are no longer freelancers, that’s how well their ideas work!) will be sharing what they’ve learned about working with clients, marketing their business and making room for life, including our regular series of “Passion Projects.”

Registration also includes a FREE COPY of my eBook The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money (a $23 value)!Creative Professional's Guide to Money by Ilise Benun

This event is relevant to everyone whose line between work and life is blurry. Here’s what you’ll learn about:

  • How to Avoid Scope Creep
  • So You Want to be a Freelancer?
  • Freelancers Speak on Work/Life Balance (Sneak Peek of CFBC 2014 session)
    • Boundaries Are My BFF
    • How Content Marketing Simplified My Life
    • How to build a successful freelance business without working weekends
    • Is your work eating your life alive?: A parent’s perspective
  • Branding, Content, SEO: Connect the Dots to a More Powerful Web Site
  • And as a permanent feature of these quarterly events, we’ll hear about 2 new “passion projects”:
    • How Cootie Catchers Saved My Freelance Career
    • How a Recipe Blog Does Double Duty as Passion Project and Marketing Tool

In this April 2014 session, you’ll get a one-day all-access pass to content in 4 tracks (see outline/schedule). Each track includes live webinars and/or videos, the opportunity to participate in live chats via a discussion board and a chance to network with fellow creative freelancers and experts.

Plus, you also get these: BONUS SESSIONS

  • What to Expect When You’re Freelancing with Bryn Mooth
  • Saving Your Sanity Through Better Client Relations with Alisa Bonsignore
  • The Dark Art of Pricing with Jessica Hische
  • Creatively Legitimate Expenses (Don’t Cheat Yourself) with June Walker

Use promo code “CFSPRING14” for $50 off when you sign up here.