Package Pricing for Creative Services: Is It For You?

Lately, Iilise-new-headshot-bug-1-11‘ve been helping creative professionals develop “package pricing” to offer their prospects and clients, but the main question I get is, “Is it right for me?”

How do you tell if your work is appropriate to package?

One important question to ask yourself is this:

Do you offer a variation on the same service to most people you work with? If yes, packages would help you and your client.

If no, packages are going to be a challenge. If every client is totally different…if you’re all over the place and/or starting from scratch with every client who comes along, it’s going to be hard to find a package that works (not to mention exhausting!)

In fact, being able to create packages is one of the main benefits of focussing your services and narrowing to a target market (or 2): it saves you time in marketing, pricing and proposal writing.

In a recent post on the Marketing Mix Blog, I featured 4 clients who have developed packages for their design and copywriting services.

And in a Quick Tip from Marketing Mentor earlier this year, I featured the step-by-step process I took Jill Anderson through to come up with her web site packages.

For pricing basics, you can find more on “The Art and Science of Pricing” in this “single” download here.